First-class treatments and surgery


Laser Tilkka Oy is a private health care company that specialises in high-quality treatments and demanding surgery. Our hospital entity includes Laser Tilkka, Hospital Tilkka, Eye Surgery Tilkka, and the Helsinki Breast and Melanoma Centre. We are located in Helsinki, in the renowned Tilkka Hospital building that originally served as a military hospital (from 1936 until 2006). Today, Tilkka is totally modernised and offers optimal premises for demanding surgery.

Our experienced surgeons and other health care experts in their field utilise the latest surgical methods and forms of treatment. Laser Tilkka specialises in e.g. laser treatment of the skin and in foam sclerotherapy and laser therapy for varicose veins. Hospital Tilkka offers surgical services in several fields of specialisation, and the hospital performs both demanding major operations and quick day-surgery procedures. The eye surgery unit is specialised on modern cataract surgery.

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